Chestr genesis series — Applications now open!

We’ve been busy planning the first-ever community-sourced Mystery Chest series for over a month.

We’re looking to work with 15–20 creators, to take our first step in beginning Chestr’s epic journey together.

Today we’re proud to announce that applications are now open to all creators in the community — for a chance to have a piece of their original NFT be included and sold as part of Chestr’s genesis series.

Tl;dr: Apply here — but we’d highly recommend checking out the details below!

What is a mystery chest series?

A series is a collection of NFTs crowd-sourced from community creators, where each NFT is hidden in a chest to be opened.

Each chest can be purchased and opened to reveal a random NFT from the series — that gives the collector a chance to win a high-value NFT, or discover an NFT from emerging creators that are curated and verified by the Chestr team.

Why work with Chestr?

Chestr is on a mission to help emerging creators distribute their creations, and help collectors discover them. Right now high-profile creators dominate the marketplaces and emerging creators are at a massive disadvantage trying to promote their work.

Chestr’s mystery chest design is a powerful equalizer to balance value and discoverability for both creators and collectors alike.

We also have one of the fastest-growing communities in the space — working with us is a great way to connect with our community of talented creators and reputable collectors.

On top of that, it’s pretty much a guaranteed sale for your submitted NFT, and you’ll forever be remembered as part of the founding creators in our ambitious journey.

How are the chests priced?

Each chest is priced at the average value of all NFTs in the series.

A live series will typically involve 15–20 chests, with much smaller differences between chest price and potential outcome.

When all chests are sold, each creator receives the amount proportional to their contributed value to the series. Eg. if your NFT’s asking price is 0.5 ETH, you will receive 0.5 ETH minus a small commission (at 4–10%, tentatively).

With this design, we align the interest of all creators in the series.

Everyone included in the series share the same goal, which is the successful sale of all chests, and everyone’s promotion effort is contributing to that same goal — much more powerful than promoting individual work alone.

Meanwhile, collectors enjoy the novelty of randomized NFT discovery with strong economic and social incentives.

How to apply?

Apply through this form.

The work you submit can be an existing NFT you’ve minted on a supported platform eg. Foundation, or an original artwork that you create specifically for the series — but either case, it has to be a unique 1:1 NFT.

The application process will remain open until June 30. We’ll be reviewing a lot of submissions so it’s best to submit early.

Once selected, we will reach out personally to go through the submission process with you.

How to be selected?

Here are some recommendations to help maximize the chances of being selected for Chestr’s first series. They’re not mandatory, but certainly nice to have:

Be active and supportive in the community.

We want to work with creators who are not just here for the quick money, but are truly passionate about NFTs as a revolutionary form of creative medium, and are willing to support each other along the way.

Be flexible with the asking price.

You’ll have a chance to specify the ideal asking price, but being flexible with it will drastically increase your chance of being selected — because the application process may become quite competitive. The anticipated price range is around 0.1–0.3 ETH, with the possibility to be higher or lower based on the price range of your previous NFT sales.

Submitted work can evoke a sense of positivity or adventure.

Some more keywords to help you conceptualize: “mystery”, “unknown”, “intention”, “determination”, “discovery”, “adventure”, “support”, “optimism”. It is up to you to decide what forms these concepts are represented in, eg. human figures, landscapes, objects, abstract visuals, etc. It is also highly recommended that your work has a description that tells a story or narrates the concept.

If you have any questions, ask them on Chestr Discord. Also follow @ChestrNft on Twitter to stay up to date!

Chestr is an open network facilitating collaborations between creators and communities, currently backed by @TachyonAccel @ConsenSysMesh. For partnership or investment inquiries please reach out to



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