Introducing Joyn: Collaborative Content Creation for the Web3 Era

Jumpstart your idea, co-create with like-minded contributors, and bring your project to life.
4 min readMar 28, 2022
Joyn — We’re building a launchpad for collaborative Web3 media projects.

We are now witnessing real progress of Web3 projects being built up as culturally significant brands.

In April 2021, 10,000 unique Bored Apes were minted at 0.08 ETH apiece, roughly US$240 at the time. The project has since been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, followed by big moves like acquiring the CryptoPunks and Meebits IP, and releasing of its now US $3.5 billion market cap ApeCoin — which is meant to be used in a forthcoming metaverse.

In the Web3 era, the most interesting projects are collaborative and multi-faceted.

They aren’t only a set of nicely designed images, attention-seizing animations, stirring musical arrangements, or neatly written narrative prose, but all of the above — they are keys to experiences that unfold over time.

The proliferation of this new content format is shaping up to be a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the average individual to kick off the next cultural movement.

Paradoxically, it requires fleets of people combining their diverse skill sets to achieve success — design, development, branding, pricing, promotion, and many more.

Some have figured this out: a way to achieve this is by connecting artists, collaborators, and patrons through communities, with ongoing dialogue to spawn new ideas and ventures. This is how cultural value is derived in the Web3 era — and for the future.

On the flip side most designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists are being held back because it is a substantial challenge to amass all of the skills, connections, and resources that are needed to take advantage of the new creative channels in Web3.

Let’s change that.

Joyn Provides a New Way to Tap into Creativity

Developed by Chestr Labs, Joyn is a creative hub where ideas can be shared, refined, and remixed through open co-creation.

The platform gives creators a way to discover and connect with others who share their vision — whether it’s to create the next viral NFT project, make a groundbreaking film, or author a great piece of literature with dozens of other writers.

The network of content, meaning, and value

At its core, Joyn provides creators access to the tools and community support they need for their projects, from conception to launch. Any creator can become a project Producer on the platform, who can then

  • Set up a Project Space to showcase their creative direction, project summary, milestones, and needs.
  • Mint membership NFTs that provide perks and rewards for their backers, to encourage collaboration and community support.
  • Issue prompts — think of them as bounties — to seek help from the community or actively engage their audience.
    Eg. ask for help to animate images, add audio elements, art contests, moderate the community, or directly promote the project.
  • Facilitate remixes of the work produced in the project and share royalties with other creators.

For creators who don’t already have a project in mind, don’t fret. A great way to start is by contributing to other projects’ prompts as Co-Creator.

Submissions that are accepted will be rewarded through project membership NFTs or direct payouts. We encourage mutual support within the community so that every creator can have a shot at bringing their vision to life.

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be onboarding talented artists who are ready to work with each other to devise, design, and develop new ideas. Then comes the launch of closed alpha, where the first collaborative projects will be incubated.

These projects will showcase the ways talented creators can work together to bring new content to life. At the same time, you can get involved by making contributions to support your favorite creators, share ownership of the project, and eventually start your own.

We want this to be the safest, clearest mode of creation, where every new phase is built in public and the co-creators are open to interactions with the rest of Joyn’s diverse community.

To find out more about Joyn’s plans and new developments, head over to and join the mailing list to stay in touch.

We built Joyn to be the place where the next great Web3 projects can be made from the ground up. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. We look forward to seeing what you’ll build on Joyn!

About Joyn

Joyn was developed by Chestr Labs as a launchpad for collaborative Web3 projects. It connects creators, collaborators, and patrons to unlock new avenues of co-creation. With Joyn, you can take charge of the narrative and bring your vision to fruition.

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