Introducing the Chestr Content Bounty Program

As Chestr community members already know, we are always exploring ways to support emerging creators. Some of you have already applied or have benefitted from our community support programs #1 and #2, ie. direct bidding and gas fee sponsorships — both of which we promise will continue indefinitely.

First of all, a round of applause to everyone in the Chestr community for being absolutely amazing. The community response has exceeded all of our expectations, and to that we are deeply grateful.

Although we are a small team with a small budget for now — thanks to the support and engagement from all of you, we have grown our community to 600+ followers on Twitter within 3 weeks, and now have an active Discord server with 250+members within 7 days! We’re also proud to share that to date, over 100 creators have benefitted from direct bids or gas fee sponsorship.

It’s nice and all… but today we are going to announce another community support program 😎

Introducing the Chestr Content Bounty Program

We’ve come to understand that the Chestr community is a tight-knit, highly active and creative group. When we were planning out the work involved for the Chestr platform, an idea came to mind: Why not ask our community for help with design work, and compensate them for it?

Therefore we want to experiment with a content bounty program where we publicize the design work that we need for Chestr, and engage our community members for their creative solutions.

Each bounty will have specific requirements, rewards, and expiry dates.

For example, the first content bounty will be for Chestr’s Twitter profile banner, and we’re looking for a creative design that will represent Chestr’s mystery chest concept and highlight the community’s vibrant spirit. **Actual details will be announced through Twitter & Discord.

Our current Twitter profile banner… not very good.

Some other bounty examples include Foundation profile banner, Chestr website banner, mystery chest design + opening animations, new logo, and many more.

We will be constantly rolling out new bounties over the coming weeks. Each finalized design for a bounty will also be minted into an NFT later, forming our very own collection The Chestr Journey with credit to the original creator.

Why another program?

We believe good work should deserve good recognition and reward. (And no, we’re not trying to burn money…)

If you’ve been working hard to hone your craft and exploring the potentials of NFT as a creative medium, you’re taking on a risky but important role in a shared mission — to push boundaries, to create value for each other, and to shape the creative economy such that we grow the pie together instead of fighting over the same pie.

With that in mind, of course we’d love to lend a hand. This is the idea that goes into our direct bidding and gas fee sponsorship programs — so talented creators may get a better chance at the recognition and reward they deserve.

Obviously we’re not stopping here. While the Chestr platform is in development and the genesis mystery chest series is being planned, we’ve been conceptualizing a new type of community support program.

We’re very excited about this new form of direct collaboration with the community, as it truly represents the spirit of embarking on a mission together.

The first bounty will be released soon after the introduction of this program. Join our Discord server to stay up to date!

Chestr is an open network facilitating collaborations between creators and communities, currently backed by @TachyonAccel @ConsenSysMesh. For partnership or investment inquiries please reach out to



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