Chestr Genesis Series: Official launch Date

After two months of planning and development, we’re proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Chestr Genesis Series 🔥

The series marks the beginning of our mission to democratize NFT discovery and distribution through relentless innovations.

We invite you to join us on the ground floor, where big changes are about to take place in the near future. Read on to learn more!

TL;DR — Genesis Series drops on August 7 (Saturday), 11:30am EST / 3:30pm UTC at 😎

So, what is Chestr?

We’re a group of creators, collectors, engineers, and entrepreneurs working our butts off to help push the NFT space forward.

We believe NFT applications are going to drive the biggest creative economy we’ve seen in history.

Problem is, new creators are drowned out with little exposure and sales, and new collectors are priced out without affordable access to high-quality NFTs.

The market is very inefficient. We’re going to fix it.

Original tweet. Much love.

While our web platform is in development, we’ve been delivering value to the community through support programs like direct bids, gas fee sponsorships, and content bounties. We’re here to make change and we mean it.

And now we’re finally on the cusp of the first milestone.

What is Chestr Genesis Series?

The Genesis Series is our first ever community-sourced NFT drop marking the beginning of the Chestr mission.

Chest design by community creator @GussoAlexandro

The series features 28 mystery chests that all cost the same — each priced at the average value of the NFTs in the series, which is 0.3 ETH.

Each chest is an NFT itself, acting as a virtual container that can be purchased, transferred, and unlocked to reveal a 1/1 NFT carefully curated from top emerging creators — or a chance to reveal a spotlight collectible ( trust us, you’ll want it 😏).

Why should I get a chest from the Genesis Series?

Because this is not about flipping NFTs for profit — you’re joining a movement.

You’ll be getting a carefully curated 1/1 artwork by some of the best and fastest-growing creators, or the spotlight collectible — but that’s not all.

We’re constructing a network of builders and visionaries who want to create positive impacts through their passion, mutual support, and persistence.

Memento design by community creator @ledjandro

Each chest in the Genesis Series contains an exclusive memento NFT that gives you access to the ground floor where things happen, with direct access to the Chestr team and our network.

We’d like to invite you to join our fellowship where we hold each other accountable for personal & professional development, and help each other out regardless of our individual backgrounds.

And yes, from time to time we also do degen ape-ins extremely moderately 😉.

Let’s say I’m in, when is it launching?

The Genesis Series drops August 7 (Saturday) at 11:30am EST / 3:30pm UTC on

We will also be unveiling the featured creators and the spotlight collectible leading up to the launch.

Best way to be notified is to leave your email on, or follow us @ChestrNFT. Stay tuned!

Lastly, a big thank you to the amazing Chestr community and everyone who supported us. The genesis launch marks the beginning of our grand mission to create a level playing field for everyone joining the creative economy. We’re thrilled to do this with you all — let’s get started! 💪

Chestr is an open network facilitating collaborations between creators and communities, currently backed by @TachyonAccel @ConsenSysMesh. For partnership or investment inquiries please reach out to



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